Amore mio

Една много красива гръцко-италианска песен - Amore mio (Αγάπη μου) "Любов моя" Αγάπη μου ( Amore mio )

Στίχοι: Ηρώ
Μουσική: Gigi d' Alessio
Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Ηρώ & Gigi d' Alessio ( Ντουέτο )

Era settembre ed il sole ci ha visti baciare
con il fiatone correvi giocando con me
un sassolino nell'acqua faceva rumore
il desiderio di stare per sempre con te.

Στην αμμουδιά περπατούσαμε κάθε πρωί,
όνειρα έκανα δίπλα σου για τη ζωή.
Τώρα είμαι μόνη κι ο χρόνος κυλάει αργά,
βγαίνω στους δρόμους ξορκίζοντας τη μοναξιά.

Πες μου πώς;
Η ματιά σου που ήταν σαν φλόγα που πάγωσε.
Τ' άγγιγμά σου τις νύχτες στο σώμα μου πόνος κρυφός.
Πες μου πώς;
Σε ρωτάω.
Ποιος μου πήρε το όνειρο κι έφυγε μαζί σου.

Θα σ' αγαπώ ώσπου ο χρόνος να τελειώσει
και θα 'μαι εδώ να σ' αγκαλιάζω όταν νυχτώνει.
Κοίτα την ώρα που περνάει, πόσο αλλάζεις
γίνεσαι ανάμνηση...

Γίνεσαι κρύο και αέρας που παγώνει
όταν το βλέμμα στη ματιά σου χαμηλώνει.
Γίνεσαι χιόνι που τα δάχτυλα ματώνει
γίνεσαι ανάμνηση...

Και μου ζητάς λίγο χρόνο για να το σκεφτείς
όμως το ξέρω σου τέλειωσε ό,τι κι αν πεις.
Πώς να νικήσω τη σκέψη που θα σε ζητά;
Γκρίζα τα σύννεφα γκρίζα και η μοναξιά.

Col naso rosso dal freddo era quasi Natale
il nostro amore cresceva ogni giorno di più.
Era la luce degli occhi ad accendere i cuori
fino all'ecclissi solare che adesso c'è in te.

Cosa c'è
con lo sguardo abbassato non parli e non corri da me.
Hai bisogno di stare un po' sola lontana perché
Cosa c'è
io lo so
tra un minuto mi lasci da solo non dire di no.

Amore mio
senza un'addio mi stai lasciando
ma il tuo silenzio sembra dire hai fatto centro
come la neve sciolta al sole stai piangendo è inevitabile
Ma lui chi è
adesso me ne stai parlando
come hai potuto dargli un pezzo del mio mondo
vorrei sparire mentre ti accarezza il vento
sei cattivissima, sei cativissima.

Γίνεσαι ανάμνηση...

Amore mio - English Translation:

It was September and the sun saw us while we were kissing
with heavy breath you were running playing with me
a little rock in the water was making noise
the desire to be forever with you.

We were walking on the sandy beach every morning,
I was making dreams for our life next to you,
Now I’m alone and the time runs slowly,
I go to the streets conjuring loneliness.

Tell me how?
Your glance that was like flame which congealed.
Your touch in the nights on my body (was) a secret pain.
Tell me how?
I’m asking you.
Who took my dream and left with you.

I will love you until the time comes to an end
and I will be here to hug you when it’s getting dark.
Look at the time which passes, how much you change
you become a remembrance…

You become cold and wind which congeals
when the glance lowers to your look.
You become snow which makes the fingers to bleed
you become a remembrance…

And you ask me some time to think about it
but I know it ended for you whatever you might say.
How can I defeat the thought that will ask for you?
Grey the clouds, grey the loneliness too.

With the nose red from the cold, it was almost Christmas
our love was growing bigger and bigger every morning.
It was the light of the eyes which was lighting on fires to the heart
until the solar eclipse that now is inside you.

What’s going on?
with the glance looking down, you don’t talk and you dont run to me.
You need to be alone for a while far away, why?
What’s going on?
I know it
in a minute you will leave me alone, don’t say no.

My love
without a goodbye you’re leaving me
but your silence seems to say that i was right
as the snow melts under the sun, you’re crying, it’s inevitable
But who is he?
that you’re now talking to me about him
how could you give him a part of my world?
i would like to disappear while the wind caresses you
you are so bad, you are so bad.

You become a remembrance...

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